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Titi Sjuman Sexy Photos

Titi Sjuman Sexy Photos. Titi Sjuman admitted somewhat disappointed when he failed some time ago had a jam session with The Manhattan Transfer. But he feels it is not something that needs to fuss because it was merely a technical issue. he believes in time not so long anymore, things like that can be realized. "jazz is broad, so we can be with anyone, anytime up to the stage without having to practice together before. Jazz musicians have a common thread of each when playing his instrument, "said Titi about the real world. Titi Sjuman actress won the title Best Newcomer 2008, in the event Indonesian Movie Awards a while back through the film They Say I'm Monkey. But many do not know that fans of Herbie Hancock is also a drummer Indonesian woman who belongs to very few. Behind the drum set is an annual but he lived not long ago instead of acting.

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